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Are you seeking a place in which to lend your hands, feet, and eyes to be about Christ's work? Are you wondering what that might be like? Are you wondering what hospitality and welcome might look like in our community? Are you seeking a home in which to give expression to your own growing Christian discipleship?

Everyone is welcome at Trinity Lutheran Church. How might we give substance to that welcome for you? How might we make real our hospitality for you?

Perhaps you are unsure of what our community might offer. Perhaps you are only beginning to contemplate a journey of faith and are looking for direction and wanting companionship.

Whatever your station in life, we'd welcome the opportunity to take up the journey with you. Moreover, we'd be glad of your company!

Trinity Lutheran Church offers a broad range of ministry in the congregation proper and beyond. For information related to any of Trinity's ministries and programs, contact us at or call us at 586-731-4490. Care to join us?

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