Athletic Program

Trinity Lutheran School’s core purpose is to strengthen children in their faith so that they may grow in knowledge of their Savior and serve Him and others. Trinity’s athletic program is an extension of our overall school program. The intent of our sports program is to teach and develop physical skills, mental discipline, Christian character, sportsmanship, and the striving spirit necessary for Christian living.


Mel Ott Baseball


The Mel Ott Memorial Lutheran Baseball League was founded in 1956, after the late Hall of Fame baseball player, Mel Ott. The league consists of local area Lutheran churches. Our philosophy is to teach the basic fundamentals of baseball to each player…and make it FUN. Our coaches promote Christian sportsmanship and team building with every opportunity they have. Everything we do as a program is done for the KIDS, to help them develop a love for the game!

Philosophy: To provide Lutheran youth with an opportunity for Christian fellowship through athletics.

Coordinator: Tim Siekmann, Athletic Director



This is open to Trinity members of the church and school as well as other non-members. Players may move up a division if there is an opening and their skill level is proficient to play at the higher level. We will field teams with completed registrations up to 14 players per team. If there are more players that register, we may add a second or even a third team.  We are also looking for volunteers to help us in the Mel Ott Baseball Program.


Overview: The season will start at the end of April and will conclude towards the middle of June. Game times are generally 6:00 – 6:30 pm during the week and then various times during the day on Saturday and some Sunday afternoons. The schedules will be coming out in early April.



Beginners – Grades 4-6 – $110.00

Rookie (Pitching Machine) – Grades 2&3 – $110.00

T-Ball/Coach Pitch – Pre K – Grade 1 – $95.00

Pre K – 1: A player has the option to receive pitches from their coach and then after 5 pitches then can opt for the Tee. A player may use the tee right away if they so choose. Practices are determined by the coaches but generally 1-2 times a week before the season starts and then once games begin 0 to 1 practices a week. Games are generally one day during the week at 6 pm and then one on the weekend. Registration fee includes a shirt and baseball cap.

Rookie: A little more advanced than the previous division. A pitching machine is used for these games. Registration fee includes a shirt and baseball cap. Practices generally 1 to 2 times a week and then once a week when games begin. Games are one day during the week and then one on Saturday.

Beginners: Regular baseball. Players pitch the whole game and umpires are used in the games. Registration fee includes a baseball cap. Players receive a Jersey which is turned back in at the end of the season.

Juniors: The push this year is to bring back the Junior Division. Registration will include a baseball cap.  Players receive a Jersey which is turned back in at the end of the season.

There are some specific rules in each of the divisions which the players will learn when they begin practices. Some changes as the players move up are the lengths of the base paths, stealing and pitching mechanics. Teams play their home games at Flickinger Elementary.  Away games are played at various Lutheran churches in Macomb County.

Lutheran Night at Jimmy John's Field

The highlight of the Season is attending “Lutheran Night” at Jimmy John’s Field! Division Champions receive their trophy on the field prior to the game.

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