Baptisms at Trinity

“whoever believes and is baptized will be saved,” (Mark 16:16, ESV).

One Family

Baptisms start with God and His love for us. It brings us into His one family - the Church! Our church commits to helping you and/or your child grow deeper in their relationship with God.

Our church is here to help you strengthen your child's faith! We offer a class called the "Special Beginnings Baptism Seminar" that happens every month or so starting in the Fall led by Dave Sheldon, our Senior's & Men's Ministry Part-Time Associate. This class will cover how to walk with your children as they learn more about God through the home. It is not required, but we do ask that families attend either before or after their/their child's Baptism. Contact Stephanie or Dave to get in touch!

One Promise

Baptisms are a Sacrament, meaning there is a physical object, water, combined with the Word of God, the Bible, in one Sacred Act.

Through Baptism, God claims each of us as His son or daughter. The individual enters a new relationship with God, receives forgiveness, and is filled with the Spirit. We recognize from Scripture that God calls all to be Baptized and that those Baptized are saved through deliverance from sin, death, and the devil. We are invited to enter into Christ’s Kingdom and live with Him forever (The Lutheran Confessions).

None of this is of our own work. We firmly believe that God brings us to this amazing Sacrament through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

One Date

Baptisms can happen every weekend here at Trinity! We rotate our Baptisms based on our Communion schedule. Baptisms happen in our Sanctuary or in our Gym during service unless other alternative arrangements are needed. There is no cost or membership needed for getting you and/or your child Baptized.

Interested in getting you and/or your child Baptized?

Who to Contact

Make sure to contact Linda Powell, our Church Receptionist, to schedule your date!

Linda Powell


Dave Sheldon

Special Beginnings Baptism Class Leader

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