A Fresh Start

Pastor Justin Krupsky   -  
As we move forward together into spring I can’t help but believe God is bringing a new Kingdom path for each of us. A new opportunity to live a life of love. I believe there is a divine path that awaits us around the corner, maybe a new path that we have right now. Maybe it is a friendship, an opportunity to serve, a new job, a new neighbor, a new endeavor or something even more.
Our Crucified and Risen Lord is constantly bringing new life into our lives and through our lives. His mercies are new every morning, and He has a plan for us. I wonder what your fresh path is or what it will be.
As we read Acts chapter 1 we learn about a man named Matthias. Now not a lot is said about Matthias, the disciple that replaced Judas as one of the head 12 apostles who were witnesses of Jesus from His baptism to His ascension. However, what we do know is that he was included as one who constantly prayed and he knew the new opportunity that he was placed into was an opportunity to witness Jesus by championing love.
Any fresh start, a fresh path, or a new beginning must be bathed with prayer. Matthias knew this, the early church new this, because Jesus lived this out and taught this. They witnessed Jesus. Do you know this?
I do not know what fresh start God is birthing in your life, but what I do hope is that you are praying about this fresh start, this new beginning, the new path that God is orchestrating for you, and that as it unfolds in your life you stay constant in prayer depending on God through the power of His Spirit.