[RE]FOCUS Day 18

Bruce Volkert   -  

Week 3: Restoring
Day 4: Feeding
by Bruce Volkert

Mark 6:42, 8:8a “And they all ate and were satisfied.”
There are two accounts in Mark’s Gospel of Jesus feeding thousands of people through miracles.
You do not need to convince me that these were miracles. How many of us have struggled with
planning a meal for an unknown large group of guests? Will we have enough food or too little or
too much? When will we find time to go shopping and how much will it cost? It takes a miracle for
me to calmly plan a large meal. These are all non-issues for Jesus. He provided full meals in a
moment’s notice for tremendously larger groups than any of us have ever entertained. And, in
both cases there were baskets and baskets of leftovers. Now, that would cause us even more
anxiety – what to do with all that leftover food? Consider that the disciples had no access to zip
lock baggies or refrigeration. These extra baskets would make me a basket case!
Imagine this experience through the perspective of the disciples. They knew that Jesus had been
provided with meager resources and yet the fish and loaves continued to be multiplied. Jesus
used these seemingly impossible situations to demonstrate His authority. His motivation was to
show compassion for those who were hungry. He offers the same to us today. With unparalleled
compassion, Jesus showers us with His grace through His Word to meet our needs and remove
our hunger.

Jesus, thank You for giving us more than we could ask or imagine. Thank You for giving Your
plenty to those in need inside of Your family, and to those outside. Your love and power never
fail. Help us to trust and believe that You are the God of the possible and impossible. Refocus
our faith that what You provide does not distract us from the fact that You provide. Amen.

Jesus did this similar sign for a Jewish crowd and a crowd of Gentile-foreigners. What does that
tell you about the love and reach of God?