Trinity For Life

Be part of an exciting, meaningful group dedicated to making a difference for all life


One of many Lutheran churches who support ALL LIFE at ALL AGES.  We meet 6 times a year and by email.


PRAY, PROCLAIM SCRIPTURE, EDUCATE, PARTICIPATE  IN LIFE EVENTS. We encourage prayer and Scripture that declares, “Before you were created in the womb, I called you by name.”

We proclaim that all life is valuable: the unborn, physical/mentally and elderly.

Education to understand WHY all LIFE is a GIFT from God with age appropriate information church-wide: life sermons, pamphlets in restrooms, Sunday School, Witness and Evangelist articles. Topics such as Stem Cell Research, End of Life decisions, physically challenged, Euthanasia, Post abortion help, pre-born life.

Life Events

  • Day of Remembrance around the flag pole when a pastor leads a prayer service for all life
  • National Life Chain
  • Prayer Walk Through Utica with St. Lawrence
October and During Lent:
  • 40 Days for LIFE
  • Two peaceful prayer vigils at a woman’s clinic
  • Sanctity of Life Sunday – Diapers for pregnancy centers collected
  • Celebration of life in sermon, Sunday school, Day school, publications, with Life banner “Respecting All Life as a Gift From God” displayed.
  • Plate collection for Lutherans for LIFE.
  • Trinity Lutheran School Open House – Display table with age appropriate information about Lutherans for Life
  • 40 Days for LIFE one peaceful prayer vigil and Celebration of Life Service, the first Saturday in March.
  • Clothing collected sizes 0-18 for pregnant mothers
  • Physically, mentally, emotionally challenged emphasis throughout the month
  • Pre-birth baby models are displayed and discussed in Junior High classes in day school
  • Fundraiser  ”Fill a Bottle, Change a Life”  – baby bottles are filled with coins from one week before Mother’s day through Father’s Day.
  • Mothers and Fathers emphasis in sermons, articles with support for the family – life banner displayed, inserts in the bulletins
  • Lutherans for LIFE- plate offering, receive information and events for Trinity.
  • Compassion Pregnancy Center – diapers, baby clothes, money given
  • Family of God Pregnancy Center in SW Detroit-Trinity members visit monthly (either first or third Thursday of each month) to help in free baby needs store
  • Abigayle House – a live-in facility for pregnant women with health, education and spiritual guidance – We give money, clothing and diapers.
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