Small Groups

Forming friends and knowing Christ.


Meet together at least twice a month.


Be a place where you can connect and share with a group of 5-10 people.


Grow in your relationship with God and others through reflecting on God's Word, prayer, sharing and/or serving.


Start new groups to reach new people.

I need more information...

What are Small Groups?

Small groups offer a deeper study of the Bible and helps to create deeper relationships with a few members of our congregation (5-10 members per group). They consist of one “leader” whose main role is to simply lead the group through the selected materials. Small groups generally meet at someone’s house and can last weeks to months, depending on the small group’s wishes.

How much commitment is a small group?

Small groups differ based on the group’s needs and schedules. Your leader will let you know the length of each study.

What's the difference between a small group and a Bible study?

Great question! Small groups tend to focus on the relational side of study, often having a shorter period for deep conversation with dinners and more fellowship opportunities sprinkled in throughout the group’s meeting times. They are also much smaller than a Bible study and often have the same people in the study for multiple weeks.

Bible studies focus on deep learning of God’s Word and its application in our everyday lives. The studies are on-site at Trinity or off-site at a semi-permanent location, such as a restaurant. Bible study attendance is usually more fluid, with different weeks having different people. They are also led by staff members or volunteers who are used to doing a more academic-version of learning and creating materials on their own.

Are small groups or Bible studies a better fit for me?

Bible studies are great for people who would like an in-depth, committed session where you can meet at a more formal place and freely talk about Scripture and its application. They are also great for people who would just like to meet a general mix of other community members and need a fluid schedule due to work or extra-curricular activities.

Small groups are great for those who would like to be matched with people in a similar walk of life as them. They also are great for people who like to change up the studies they do depending on the wants of the group rather than having a set study picked out for multiple weeks in a role. They are a good introduction to church community as well due to the increase in fellowship time with small group members. Small groups are also more informal than Bible studies.

I want to lead a small group...

That's great to hear! We love having new people who would like to lead small groups! Leading small groups is a great way to host new people in your home and connect with others on a personal level.

We want leaders that...
- Know: they are called, empowered by His Spirit, and sent to create a safe space for people to share what God is doing in their life
- Feel: connected, equipped, and inspired
- Do: Show up and are prepared

We want people to lead like this...
I do. You watch. We talk.
I do. You help. We talk.
You do. I help. We talk.
You do. I watch. We talk.
You do. Someone else watches.

Be in a small group...

Interested in joining or leading a small group? Email Janis to get in contact with a leader or get set up for training!

Janis Buelow

Christian Growth Associate

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