Board of Christian Day School

This board is responsible for the entire educational process, with a focus on the spiritual growth of our students.


The affairs of the school are administered by the Board, which meets the first Tuesday of each month. There are up to eight (8) voting members, holding communicant membership in Trinity Lutheran Church make up the Board. The Board may include congregation members who do not have children attending the school.  The Board may include a person representing non-member families of the school.  Some have been voted in for two-year terms; others appointed for one-year terms. The principal and assistant principal are ex-officio members. All appointments have been ratified by the Church Council of Trinity Lutheran Church. The Board’s responsibility covers the entire educational process. The Board of Christian Day School shall be responsible for the direction of Trinity’s day school and the relationship with the Lutheran High School Association of Greater Detroit.

  • A faithful participant in worship, attendance at the Sacrament, and a student of God’s Word
  • A committed steward of his/her time, talents, and tithes
  • A person whose life should reflect well upon his/her Christian witness
  • A person with the required ability and/or skills who is willing to serve

Michael Trachsel – Board Chair

Katie Hu – appointed

Danielle McVay –  elected

Mark Schluentz – elected

Heather Odinga – appointed

Angela Haffey – appointed


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