Trinity’s Social Ministry has been partnering with Forgotten Harvest for the past six weeks now – since the middle of May. We are a part of the “Food Rescue” program and it has blessed us, our neighbors and our community exponentially. We have seen answered prayers, humble servants and grateful recipients each week! 

What does this mean for Trinity? 

This means that each Wednesday Mr. Marlin, a Forgotten Harvest employee, delivers to us a truck with 5-8 pallets of food and goods to Trinity from our local Sam’s Club. This food is nearing its’ “Best-By Date.” It is sometimes a “hot mess” in terms of packaging or maybe it was returned and is unable to be re-sold. Rather than throwing these items away, the local stores partner with Forgotten Harvest to write off the amount as a tax deduction and donate the food to be distributed to local food pantries and programs. Donations to Forgotten Harvest and Feeding America help to fund this program to contribute to food banks and pantries around the country! 

What do we get? 

Trinity is blessed to be a part of this! We are provided each week with varying products including produce, bakery items (Bread and desserts), meat and non-food items as well such as paper products or diapers.  One of the biggest blessings is the boxes of frozen meat. The cost of beef, chicken and pork has increased recently which has caused an increased cost to our food ministry operations when we must purchase meat for SSS or Delivering Disciples meal preparations. We on average have been receiving 2-4 boxes of various protein items each week that we have been using primarily in our meal ministry. 

How do we use this food?

Our Food Ministry is able to utilize a portion of the food in preparing meals for SSS, Delivering Disciples or our other Meal Ministry Programs rather than purchasing the items. Our Emergency Food Pantry is open every other Sunday and has also begun to open on Wednesday evenings (prior to Movie Night) throughout the summer.  In addition to our ministry being blessed by this rescued food, we also partner with food ministries and pantries nearby that struggle to provide for a growing number of families. 

How is God working through this program? 

On our first shipment, we received charcoal – as we prepared to grill hamburgers and hotdogs for our SSS Guests… We have received large quantities of bottled water during this HOT weather! Items that we regularly use, needed to shop for, were just about to ask for… Our God continues to provide over and over and caters to our needs frequently.

Where is the meat?

We have two local pantries (Hope Lutheran Church, Warren & Heritage) that regularly come to us on Wednesday to help break down our delivery truck and gather items for distribution to families that they serve. The primary source of the food they distribute is provided through Macomb County. Each week items provided change based on the availability within Macomb County.  In the last two weeks of Junes, the county was unable to provide any meat to the pantries for families in need. In lieu of meat, the pantry coordinators planned to pack extra peanut butter and beans … BUT God had a different plan. Instead of our usual 2-4 boxes of meat – we were blessed with nearly 12 boxes filled with ground beef, whole chickens and other protein items the first shortage and the next we were blessed with 7 boxes. When meat was provided not by the county, His blessings provided families with the protein items they need! 

Miracles and answered prayers..

At a certain point I should stop being surprised… We know that God will provide…we have faith that he will carry through on his promises – but I will never stop being amazed by the many miracles worked and prayers answered. I am humbled by the many volunteers that set aside their time for this mission, they bless our staff by lightening the load. For the days we get an entire pallet of lemons and we “make lemonade”. I’m not sure how often others get to physically see answered prayers… but every time I do I can’t help but be in awe… it never gets old. 

Deuteronomy 10:21

New International Version

21 He is the one you praise; he is your God, who performed for you those great and awesome wonders you saw with your own eyes.

Million Little Miracles

Song by Elevation Worship and Maverick City MusicFor

I think it over and it doesn’t add up
I know it comes from above

I’ve got miracles on miracles
A million little miracles
Miracles on miracles
Count your miracles
One, two, three, four, I can’t even count ’em all