A Fresh Start and New Beginnings

Pastor Lew Stier   -  

A man contacted me at the end of this last year wanting to talk about donations.  He was interested in Trinity because it seemed to him what we were offering through our Social Ministry really mattered. He said he has driven past Trinity for several years and remembers seeing a sign indicating we served a meal on Sunday and showers were available. But since COVID our sign only states we serve a meal—dine in or take out.   I told him as a casualty of COVID our ministry lost the ability to offer showers, but my hope and prayer is we will be able to offer our shower program again sometime this year.

Now he did not contact me just to let me know he saw the sign; he had a definite reason in mind.  He said he has been financially blessed over the years through his business he just sold and now he wanted to do something with a portion of that blessing to make a financial difference in the life of someone else.  He felt it was time to start giving back and Trinity was one of several places he had picked to make a donation because he sees and hears Trinity helps people who are in need.

I was very thankful for his intended donation, but what really hit home with me was what he told me next.  Instead making small donations here and there and helping several people with a little, he was thinking of making a bigger impact for one individual at this time. He wanted to help someone begin this year on solid financial ground so that person could move forward with hope for a better future. That is exactly what I have been thinking I needed to do through our Financial Assistance and HOME Ministry but have not been able to put into words or develop an action plan.

And it just so happens about this time I also had the same conversation with a Legal Aid lawyer.  She told me she wanted to really make a difference for a client and give her a Fresh Start by paying off the portion of overdue rent not covered by the County’s Eviction Diversion Program.  So I told her I just found out about this man’s idea and donation so I would commit to covering the full balance and this client will have a Fresh Start and a New Beginning and hope for the future.

The man wanted to make a definite impact on the life of someone who really needs a Fresh Start, the lawyer did too, and so did I. There was my action plan put into words and implemented!  Now because our Home Ministry has been so blessed by the generous donations many have made, Trinity is making a bigger impact on the clients who come to us for assistance by removing an immediate financial burden instead of just partially reducing it allowing them to experience a New Beginning and seeing hope for the future.

Now is that not what a relationship with Jesus has done for you?  Did He not make a huge impact on your life when he died on the cross and made THE donation to settle your spiritual account with your Heavenly Father?  You know your forgiveness of sins is assured and removed through believing Jesus paid the price for you.  Every time you confess your sins to your Father and you hear they are forgiven and remembered no more, you have a Fresh Start/New Beginning in life and you move forward in Faith, Hope, and Love.  That is what truly matters.

So, on behalf of myself and the Social Ministry staff, Jenny, Tammy, and John, we thank you for your support of everything included in our Social Ministry and thank you for allowing us to continue serve our Lord through our positions associated with our Food, Human Care, HOME, and Missions Ministries.