John Lucas   -  

Week 2: Reflecting

Day 2: Son of David

By John Lucas



You wouldn’t know it now, but the Detroit Red Wings used to be good.  REALLY good.  Led by the likes of Steve Yzerman and Niklas Lidstrom, the Red Wings won four Stanley Cups in the 90s and 2000s.  People look fondly at those glory days, remembering the Russian Five, the rivalry with the Colorado Avalanche, the list of Hall of Fame players donning the red and white, and so on.  

2020 is a harsh reality, though.  The team is a far cry from winning a Stanley Cup; the dynasty has ended. Such is the way in sports.  Fans of any losing team long for the “glory days.”  They want their team to win, and keep on winning forever. Isn’t it the same in other aspects of life?  We want our country to be prosperous forever.  We want our health to hold forever.  We want friends to be close forever.  However, there is only one constant: Jesus.

Israel’s greatest king, David, was not a perfect man.  His country was not perfect and would not last forever.  But God chose David and made him a promise in 2 Samuel 7:16: “Your throne shall be established forever.”  Jesus is forever.  Jesus is the one we can turn to in sadness and joy; he will not fail us like the sports teams so many people obsess over.  In Luke 1:33, the angel tells Mary that Jesus’ kingdom will have no end.

So let’s focus on Jesus.  Let’s focus on the One who is forever faithful and glorious.  His “glory days” are eternal, and our faith will make sure that we are a part of that eternal kingdom.



Jesus, Your grace goes deeper than my darkest sins.  Continue to pierce my sin with the light and truth of who You are as my Redeemer and King.  By Your constant power, fill my life with faith, hope, and love from You for all those whose paths I cross. Amen.



What “glory days” do you live for?  How does Jesus’ faithfulness reveal opportunities here and now?